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ꯑꯔꯇꯤꯛ ꯏꯄꯥꯛ

ꯋꯤꯀꯤꯄꯦꯗꯤꯌꯥ ꯗꯒꯤ
Map of the Arctic Ocean, with borders as delineated by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO), including Hudson Bay (some of which is south of 57°N latitude, off the map).

ꯑꯔꯇꯤꯛ ꯏꯄꯥꯛ-ꯑꯆꯧꯕ ꯅꯥ ꯈꯨꯋꯥꯏꯗꯒꯤ ꯑꯄꯤꯛꯄ ꯏꯄꯥꯛ-ꯑꯆꯧꯕ ꯑꯃꯅꯤ ꯏꯄꯥꯛ-ꯑꯆꯧꯕ ꯵ ꯒꯤ ꯃꯅꯨꯡꯗ ꯫[꯱]

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