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ꯃꯦꯅꯦꯖꯃꯦꯟꯠꯀꯤ ꯄꯥꯟꯗꯝꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤꯗꯃꯛ, ꯑꯩꯈꯣꯏꯅ ꯅꯍꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯕꯣꯠ ꯌꯨꯖꯔ ꯄꯦꯖꯇ {{ꯕꯣꯠ}} ꯇꯦꯝꯄ꯭ꯂꯦꯠ ꯑꯗꯨ ꯍꯥꯞꯆꯤꯟꯅꯕ ꯍꯥꯏꯔꯤ, ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯀꯣꯗ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯁꯤꯖꯤꯟꯅꯧ:

{{ꯕꯣꯠ|ꯅꯍꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯌꯨꯖꯔꯅꯦꯝ ꯑꯗꯨ꯫|site=ꯅꯍꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯋꯤꯀꯤ ꯀꯣꯗ꯫}}

ꯀꯔꯤꯒꯨꯝꯕꯥ ꯅꯍꯥꯛ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯃꯅꯤꯄꯨꯔꯤ ꯂꯣꯜ ꯋꯤꯀꯤꯄꯤꯗꯤꯌꯥꯟ ꯑꯣꯏꯔꯕꯗꯤ, ꯅꯍꯥꯛꯅꯥ ꯋꯤꯀꯤ ꯀꯣꯗ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯑꯦꯟꯇꯔ ꯇꯧꯕꯒꯤ ꯃꯊꯧ ꯇꯥꯗꯦ꯫ ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯇꯦꯝꯄ꯭ꯂꯦꯠ ꯑꯁꯤꯗ ꯍꯦꯟꯅ ꯄꯦꯔꯥꯃꯤꯇꯔꯁꯤꯡ ꯂꯩ꯫ ꯑꯀꯨꯞꯄ ꯃꯔꯣꯜꯒꯤ ꯆꯦ-ꯆꯥꯡꯒꯤꯗꯃꯛ, ꯃꯐꯝ ꯑꯁꯤꯗ ꯌꯦꯡꯕꯤꯌꯨ।। ꯕꯣꯠꯀꯤ ꯐꯤꯔꯥꯜ ꯑꯗꯨ ꯍꯥꯏꯖꯅꯕ ꯃꯈꯥꯗ ꯊꯥꯎ꯫ ꯆꯥꯟꯕꯤꯗꯨꯅ, ꯀꯁꯇꯝ ꯐꯣꯔꯃꯦꯠ ꯑꯃ ꯁꯤꯖꯤꯟꯅꯒꯅꯨ, ꯃꯗꯨꯒꯤ ꯃꯍꯨꯠꯇ ꯃꯐꯝ ꯑꯁꯤꯗ ꯇꯥꯛꯂꯤꯕ ꯃꯈꯥꯒꯤ ꯐꯣꯔꯃꯦꯠ ꯑꯗꯨ ꯁꯤꯖꯤꯟꯅꯕꯤꯌꯨ꯫ "ꯕꯣꯠꯅꯦꯝ" ꯑꯗꯨ ꯕꯣꯠ ꯑꯗꯨꯒꯤ ꯃꯃꯤꯡ ꯑꯗꯨꯒ ꯃꯍꯨꯠ ꯁꯤꯟꯕꯤꯌꯨ, ꯑꯃꯁꯨꯡ "ꯀ꯭ꯔꯤꯌꯦꯠ ꯔꯤꯀ꯭ꯋꯦꯁ꯭ꯠ ꯄꯦꯖ" ꯕꯇꯟ ꯑꯗꯨ ꯅꯝꯃꯨ꯫ ꯃꯗꯨꯒꯤ ꯃꯇꯨꯡꯗ ꯌꯥꯊꯪꯒꯤ ꯃꯇꯨꯡ ꯏꯟꯅ ꯐꯣꯔꯝ ꯑꯗꯨ ꯃꯦꯟꯁꯤꯟꯕꯤꯌꯨ ꯑꯃꯁꯨꯡ ꯁꯦꯕ ꯇꯧꯕꯤꯌꯨ꯫ ꯃꯗꯨꯒꯤ ꯃꯇꯨꯡꯗ ꯃꯐꯝ ꯑꯁꯤꯗ ꯅꯝꯗꯨꯅ ꯅꯍꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯕꯤ.ꯑꯥꯔ.ꯑꯦꯐ.ꯑꯦ. ꯄꯦꯖꯒꯤ ꯂꯤꯡꯛ ꯍꯥꯞꯆꯤꯜꯂꯨ꯫ꯃꯗꯨꯒꯤ ꯃꯇꯨꯡꯗꯥ ꯂꯤꯉ꯭ꯛ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯀ꯭ꯂꯤꯛ ꯇꯧꯕꯤꯌꯨ ꯅꯍꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯔꯤꯛꯕꯦꯁ꯭ꯠ ꯄꯦꯖ ꯂꯤꯉ꯭ꯛ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯃꯁꯤꯗꯥ ꯍꯥꯄꯆꯤꯟꯅꯕꯥ꯫ ꯄꯦꯖ ꯇꯧꯕꯥ꯫

If you want to run a bot for automated editing in Meiteilon Wikipedia, you need to get approval and have a bot flag set. To do so, you need to apply on this page. This wiki is not in the global bot wiki set, so global bots are also need to get the approval of local community. The bot in question must also have a working user page. Any unauthorized bot will be blocked immediately. If you have any questions, please add a note on the Bureaucrats' Noticeboard. For management purposes, we ask you to add the {{Bot}} template on your bot user page, use this code:

{{Bot|Your username|site=Your wiki code}}

This template has more parameters. For detail documentation, see here.

To request the bot flag apply below. Please, do not use a custom formate, rather use the following formate suggesting here. Replace "BotName" with the name of the bot, and hit the "Create Request Page" button. Then fill-up the form as per instructions and save it. Then add link of your BRFA page by clicking here.

ꯍꯧꯖꯤꯛ ꯂꯩꯔꯤꯕꯥ ꯔꯤꯛꯕꯦꯁ꯭ꯇꯁꯤꯡ (Pending Requests)[ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠꯂꯛꯄꯒꯤ ꯍꯧꯔꯛꯐꯝ]

CampWiz Bot[ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠꯂꯛꯄꯒꯤ ꯍꯧꯔꯛꯐꯝ]

The following discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page. No further edits should be made to this discussion.

ꯁꯔꯨꯛ ꯇꯝꯕꯅꯝꯕꯔ ꯑꯦꯗꯤꯠ ꯇꯧꯕꯥꯒ꯭ꯂꯣꯕꯦꯜ ꯑꯦꯗꯤꯠ ꯅꯝꯕꯔꯎꯀꯛꯕ꯭ꯂꯣꯛ ꯇꯧꯕꯥꯏꯟꯇꯔꯞꯔꯤꯟꯌꯨꯔ ꯂꯣꯒ ꯇꯧꯕꯥꯍꯀꯁꯤꯡ ꯂꯣꯒ ꯇꯧꯕꯥꯐ꯭ꯂꯦꯒ ꯑꯣꯊꯣꯔꯥꯏꯖ ꯇꯧꯕꯥ

  • ꯃꯤꯡ: CampWiz Bot
  • ꯂꯝꯖꯤꯡ ꯂꯝꯇꯥꯛꯄ ꯃꯤꯑꯣꯏ: Nokib Sarkar
  • ꯊꯕꯛ: Notify submitter about evaluations, notify (subscribed) judges about new submission, notify (subscribed) users about the statistics of ongoing campaigns on CampWiz tool.
  • ꯄ꯭ꯔꯣꯒ꯭ꯔꯥꯃꯤꯡ ꯂꯦꯉ꯭ꯒꯨꯌꯦꯖ: Python
  • ꯑꯦꯗꯤꯇꯤꯡ ꯃꯣꯗꯇꯥ ꯂꯩ: Automatic
  • ꯑꯦꯗꯤꯇꯤꯡ ꯇꯧꯕꯒꯤ ꯆꯥꯡ: 6 per minute
  • ꯑꯀꯨꯞꯄ ꯃꯔꯣꯜ: This bot is a part of the tool CampWiz which assists organizers of various edit-a-thon to host, manage campaign, evaluate submissions, publish results (As of now, about 40 campaigns were hosted and 4500+ articles were submitted through this tool). One of its sibling tool helps organizers to generate a list of articles which are not present on their wiki based on topic (As of now, 233636+articles in 150+ lists were harvested). One of our main targets was to reduce the security issue and liability along with privacy issue. As such, this tool uses a single bot account to interact with mediawiki which eliminates the need of storing the user's access token on the server. As of now, the bot would perform the following tasks. In order to prevent spamming, all the edits on user talk pages would be done by batch hourly, rather than immediately.
  1. trackingTemplate: This bot would add a template (configured by the campaign organizers) on the talk page of an article if it does not already exist, whenever that article is submitted into a campaign.
  2. notifyEvaluation: This bot would add a message on submitter's talk page if any of his submissions get any evaluation by the judge (including any note that judge left).
  3. notifyNewSubmission (opt-in only): This bot would add a message containing new submission that were added on the talk page of the user who volunterily consented to have updates.
  4. notifyStatistics (opt-in only): This bot would periodically give statistics update about the campaign the user opted-in. (For future reference)
To demonstrate the functionalities, please look at the edits on mrwiki. All the templates that the bot uses should be localized too. These are:

Nokib Sarkar (ꯋꯥ ꯍꯥꯏꯐꯝ) ꯰꯲:꯰꯴, ꯷ ꯑꯦꯄꯔꯤꯜ ꯲꯰꯲꯴ (IST)[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

ꯈꯟꯅ-ꯅꯩꯅꯕ[ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠꯂꯛꯄꯒꯤ ꯍꯧꯔꯛꯐꯝ]

The discussion above is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page. No further edits should be made to this discussion.